Share information about books and literature


  • Huge database of books
  • Active user community
  • Easy to use
  • Record lots of information about titles on your bookshelf
  • Groups and friend lists


  • You can't download books
  • Comments aren't filtered by language

Very good

aNobii is a social network for literature fans where you can find and share information about books.

The aNobii site provides a vast source of information for all genres of literature within an easy-to-use environment. You can search for books by keyword, browse the most popular titles by category, and check out latest user reviews.

What's really great about aNobii is the way you can create your own personalized bookshelf and share it with others. A virtual bookshelf appears on your profile, where you can add books that you're currently reading, have already read, or want to read.

Create your own bookshelf

You can enter all manner of information about each book in your aNobii bookshelf, including the date you started/finished reading it, where you got it from, who you've lent it to, enter a review, and give it a rating. This information can then be explored by friends and contacts you meet on aNobii.

aNobii also boasts a neat 'Groups' section, where you can hook up with link-minded readers from around the World. There's also a facility for inviting your Facebook friends to come and join you on aNobii.


It should be noted that aNobii doesn't actually allow you to read or download books in electronic format from the site. It does provide links to online stores where you can purchase the books, however.

Another potential disadvantage of aNobii is that comments aren't filtered by language, thus you may not be able to understand many of the reviews posted by each user.

aNobii is a great place to find unbiased information about books, and to make friends with fellow readers to exchange recommendations.

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